The High Fidelity Game pt.1

*This post was originally published in my old blog. I guess, it won’t hurt anyone if I publish it again, since I’m kinda in a daydreaming mode ;p

Rob Flemming did it, Barry did it, Dick did it. So, let’s have it!!!

My top 5 dream jobs:

1. Guitar player in one of England’s renowned indie band

Why: Get a chance to play your own songs in front of your fans, having your childhood heroes like Ian Brown and Noel Gallagher as your fans, get a chance to tour all around the world, free rider, groupies, and the prospect of knocking Britney Spears from the Nr. 1 spot.

2. Football Player in Liverpool Football Club

Why: The joyful feeling to play in front of the kop, having Steven Gerrard as your team mate, get a chance to play in Wembley stadium in FA Cup final, have the opportunity to trick John Terry while scoring your best goal ever, beat Bayern Munich and any other big European teams in the Champions League.

3. Music Journalist by NME, Q, or Intro

Why: Free gigs, have the chance to interview your heroes, hear the newest album of your favorite artist before anyone else, free records, can influence people to hear better music.

4. Record label or record shop owner

Why: Having your favorite artist in your own label, get every record you want to have, play your favorite record in your own shop without being protested, the fact that your job is basically finding a new music you like and selling it to other people.

5. Best Seller Writer

Why: Creating your own world in your story, let people buy and read it, plus you’ll get rich from it!

David Wahyu Hidayat

Inspired by “High Fidelity” – A novel written by Nick Hornby.

Note: Still thinking that my current job is the best I ever have, I only feel that lately I’m running out of time for anything else


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