3 years ago I was still living at this other country enjoying the luxury of being accessible to all kind of music that I love. On one special morning in that year 2005 I made a walk to my local record store, and bought the new album of a band that defines my youth and my life. That day was 30 May 2005, the release day of “Don’t Believe The Truth”, the band is OASIS.

The release day of an album from a band that I love is always a celebration. Or better said, it was a celebration. There is a moment of undescribeable happiness, walking from your house going into that record store. Once you have the record in your hand, you rush back to your little room where you live, put the CD into your music player, and turn the music as loud as you can. Those moments were a ritual. A celebration of its own. Because you are celebrating the music in you. Because you are celebrating life.

Back in this beloved country, that joy is taken from you, because none of the record labels here even considered embracing those kind of celebration. I guess, they just don’t understand it. I managed 3 years, with that condition. I compromise myself, and really do well in it. Until today.

Today, 06 October 2008, I just realize this can’t happen any longer. I just so desperate to hear the new sound of the band that defines my life. So what I did was, nothing more, than I used to do everytime the band I love release an album. I go to the next record store, and buy the album. The record store was Oasis Official Website.

I would have not done it three years ago. Even until last month I was so tempted doing it, when the new Bloc Party album was released. But I didn’t do it then. On the other side, I’m just so tired of the fact, that the corporate world and all other things steal that little celebration in me. So, I went and bought “Dig Out Your Soul”, in a clean and legal way.

Yeah, MODERN LIFE IS RUBBISH. I know. But it’s better to have your soul back, then to wait in uncertainty to celebrate life. I did not regret it at all. You know why? Because the music I hear now, is the most glorious piece of music I hear this year. Definitely without any doubt! Yeah, let’s celebrate life. Let’s dig out our soul!

David Wahyu Hidayat


2 Tanggapan to “DIG OUT YOUR SOUL”

  1. wah wah, you know you’re right! there always a good time when you go to the music store to buy your favorite band’s new album.
    I love oasis, and their latest album is ok. I love I’m Outta Time, Shock of the lightning, and falling down !

  2. I love oasis, and your statement is right! Modern life is a rubbish! I miss the 90’s

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